NRGI makes its knowledge and experience publicly available in standardized modules that help outside parties train effectively on natural resource governance. Our modules are designed using NRGI’s research and analysis and we share them only after rigorous testing in practical training settings. NRGI modules use an interactive, adult learning approach based on our extensive experience training people in complex legal and economic issues. They are intended for organizations that design and deliver trainings and educational programs.

NRGI has modules on key topics in our work. Each module contains:

Facilitation guide or manual: This presents learning objectives along with an outline and timing of activities to meet them, including lecture-style presentations, group exercises, facilitated plenary discussions, suggested reading and multimedia resources.

Presentation slides: A deck of PowerPoint slides supports the activities presented in the module. The slides include detailed guidance notes for trainers.

Session-specific handouts and other resources for use by trainers or distribution to participants, to help them refresh or continue their learning after the workshop.

If you would like to access these modules, please email [email protected], providing the following information: name of the module you’re requesting; name of your organization; country of the organization; intended use of materials, including date and location of the training the material will be used for; and confirmation that the modules are being used for educational and non-commercial proposes.