NRGI and its partners deliver courses for civil society advocates, government officials, journalists, parliamentarians and other actors working to improve the management of oil, gas and minerals. We offer global, regional and national courses, both in-person and online.
Our approach focuses on learning through participants' own experiences, and uses sustained debates and policy labs to allow participants to apply new knowledge to their professional roles.
Courses encourage participants to examine and debate the pros and cons of policy decisions from various angles.

NRGI Primers

NRGI has created a series of short, illustrated overviews of key topics in NRGI's portfolio of work. Together they serve as a robust introduction for the lay reader to fundamental issues and concepts in resource governance. Most contain helpful figures and infographics, and each primer has a standard format: key messages, key concepts and case examples, and a final set of practitioner-orientated questions to ask. Each topic is explicitly linked to the relevant precepts of the Natural Resource Charter.

Trainers' modules

NRGI makes its knowledge and experience publicly available in standardized modules that help outside parties train effectively on natural resource governance. Our modules are designed using NRGI’s research and analysis and we share them only after rigorous testing in practical training settings. NRGI modules use an interactive, adult learning approach based on our extensive experience training people in complex legal and economic issues. They are intended for organizations that design and deliver trainings and educational programs.