An informed, active citizenry is critical to good governance in countries rich in natural resources. However, many oversight groups lack in-depth knowledge of the industries and of how best to measure and manage the economic and social impacts. Few training programs target these groups, or are affordable.

Through regional hubs, NRGI and its partners help these groups acquire the necessary expertise. NRGI builds the capacity of academic institutions to manage and sustain the hubs. In turn, the hubs build the capacity for civil society, parliamentarians and journalists to spread the lessons, using case studies and examples of good practice. This training will increase the number and expertise of citizen groups focused on prudent management of natural resources, and help lead to policies for sustainable economic development. Learn more about the hubs here.

NRGI and partners operate six regional knowledge hubs. Click on a link below to learn more about the courses offered by each.


Learn more about NRGI’s regional knowledge hubs through the eyes of its participants and instructors from around the world: